After holidaying it up in the Northland, we decided it was time to come back to reality and head somewhere to settle for a while and find work.
I hadn’t really heard of Mount Maunganui before I got out here but we did a bit of research and it looked like a cool place to go. We got the mana bus from Auckland to Tauranga, just over a three hour drive which cost just $6 each, bargain!
We stayed in Tauranga a few nights at a backpackers which was gross, so we soon moved to a backpackers in the mount – Pacific Coast lodge. Which is where we currently are, it’s ok but it’s the longest we’ve ever stayed at a hostel before, some people have been there a while and the staff are all so cliquey with each other it’s uncomfortable. Good news though, we have been approved for an apartment!! We move in, in two weeks and I cannot wait. It’s right on the beach opposite the mount, perfect location. Tom’s been working the last 3 weeks while I’ve been fiercely flat hunting and sunning it up on the glorious beaches here. I’ve had a job lined up for a couple of weeks which I start Monday. It’s doing admin and reception work which I know isn’t the most exciting of jobs but it will be good to get into some sort of routine for a little while to save up some money. And the mount really is the perfect place to get that work and play balance right. There’s so much to do around here; gourmet food markets every Friday night, heaps of festivals and it’s so close to other cool places in New Zealand. Rotorua is only an hour away and Taupo only an hour an a half. So they’ll be lots of camping trips at the weekends no doubt! We also got a car which has made things so much more easier, a white 1995 Toyota corona, she’s called Toya and she is just wonderful!
It really is beautiful here, a surfing beach one side of the Mount and a 5 minute walk to the other coast which is called Pilot Bay, a serene place to paddle board and swim. I’ve hiked up the mount twice so far, each time has nearly killed me so hopefully I can improve my fitness level while I’m here too! The view at the top is beyond worth it though.

So that’s my latest update so far peeps, as I sit here now writing this on the main beach listening to the waves crash and the sun on my skin… Who am I to complain? Happy bloody Friday!

With love,

L x

View at the top of Mount Maunganui

chilling on main beach 

Pilot Bay

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