As I sit here writing this post at my friends house in sunny Auckland, I realise I have been very absent from my blog, I also realise I have done so much since arriving here in New Zealand three weeks ago.

I left a very cold England straight after Christmas, it was a wonderful time with all my loved ones around. Nothing in the world beats spending Christmas at home. But I felt almost numb leading up to my departure date. I wasn’t excited, I wasn’t nervous. It just felt… Weird. I think because it just came around so quick and I was busy enjoying the Christmas period I almost forgot I was going away. I was a lot more upset this time when leaving my parents. When Tom and I arrived at London Gatwick we were both just dazed. What was going on? Why are we here? Is this really happening again? I definitely feel going away the second time is a lot more difficult, and I truly believe if I didn’t have Tom with me I probably wouldn’t have the courage, I count myself very lucky that we are both on the same wave length.
It suddenly hit us when we touched down in Melbourne to refuel that we were back in the Southern Hemisphere, back to sunshine and back to what we loved best. After my lethargic and disorientated state, I finally felt a huge smile on my face and the sense of relieve. I felt like a ball of energy had taken over me and I couldn’t contain my excitement. WE WERE BACK!!

We touched down in Auckland about 1:30pm on New Year’s Eve. We had no plans that night, all we knew is that we needed to shower and nap. After awaking at about 9pm, jet lagged as hell, we decided to walk down to the harbour to see what was going on. The streets were buzzing and full of party people. We found a good spot on the harbour, an Irish bar with a live kiwi band. They were excellent and really set the atmosphere. Auckland’s main city icon is it’s sky tower. We had perfect view of it from outside the bar and everyone emerged out with their glasses to watch the fireworks light up the sky. To know we were the first city in the whole world to celebrate new year was pretty cool, although the fireworks had nothing on Sydney’s. I was also gutted that no one sung Auld lang syne, I thought it was an international New Year’s Eve tradition! It was a good night though and I’m glad we forced our sleepy selves to go out. We spent New Year’s Day walking along the harbour eating nachos and drinking beer in the sunshine… What better way to start a new year huh?

So much has happened in the last three weeks I will write about it in separate posts to come….

With love,

L x









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