Prague was a life changing trip for me. It was the moment I went from a 5 star hotel princess to a hostel loving hippy…

2 years ago for Tom’s 21st I decided to book us a weekend away to Prague. It didn’t start too well if I’m honest. I booked flights with RyanAir, when booking I couldn’t see Prague airport so I put in Czech Republic and went with that one. In my young, naive and not very well-travelled mind I had booked us a flight to Brno, a 2 hour train journey from Prague! Silly silly me.

However, it was fate.

When we eventually got to Prague I had booked a fancy 5 star hotel, it really wasn’t that fancy though if I’m honest. When we arrived they tried telling us they were fully booked and we’d have to stay in another hotel even further out the city. They took us to this hotel which was horrible and they expected us to stay in a room with 4 single beds in. I wasn’t having any of it and demanded to be taken back to the original hotel. They tried to tell me there were no rooms but I seriously complained and they soon upgraded us to a better room. Don’t ever get mugged off like that – always get what you pay for!

Prague itself is a stunning city! We spent the next couple of days being tourists and walking for hours taking in the beautiful sites of Wenceslas square, Prague castle and the impressive astronomical clock. We went in May and it was unbelievably hot! I loved walking over Charles Bridge, it linked the new and old town together. There were old bridge bands playing, painters and hot dog stands all fighting for a space. The bridge is lined with statues of religious figures which make it look so enchanting.

The next day we were lucky enough to be there for the Czech beer fest! It was such a fun day, there was a huge marquee set up with ladies all dressed in traditional folk outfits and live bands playing. They served traditional Czech food, beef goulash and dumplings – so delicious! The beers were ginormous, needless to say we were both very merry by the end of the day…

Anyway, because of my mishap of booking the wrong flight, we decided instead of getting the train back to Brno, we would book an extra night in Prague and pay for another flight out of here. As this cost us more we decided to look for somewhere cheaper to stay the night. Tom found somewhere on hostelworld, a website I had never used before and little did I know a site I would be very accustomed to later. It was the cutest attic apartment right in the city centre, overlooking the river and Charles bridge, it could not have been a more perfect location. The building itself was beautiful, (along with all the architecture in Prague.) It reminded me of a Spanish villa but with lots and lots of steps and a huge castle door with balconies on every floor. I was pleasantly surprised and actually much preferred staying here than in the 5 star hotel!

Prague is a wonderful city and I highly recommend a visit. I also highly recommend using hostel world when visiting cities. If you’re one of those people who think because you’re treating your partner and its only for a weekend that you have to splash out on a posh hotel – think again! Stay in a private apartment in the city centre for a quarter of the price, you can’t go wrong. Amazing location and more money for beer, its a win-win situation.


















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