Update: So I’ve been back home now for 4 months… On my arrival back home I surprised my mum on her birthday. It was difficult to pull off as I had no idea my dad had taken her for a weekend away so it was frustrating being home for 2 days and not telling anyone!! It was worth it in the end though and I really did surprise her. It was so lovely to be reunited I had missed her the most.

I’ve had a great summer seeing family and friends. I was maid of honour for my sister’s wedding which was the most perfect day, it was the main reason we came home. All the bridesmaids and friends flew to Ibiza for the hen party which was fun, I love Ibiza its such a beautiful island.

I also went to Cornwall with friends this summer which was really nice. When we were travelling we decided to try to see more of England and I’m glad we did as it’s really beautiful down in the West Country, some of the beaches there were on par with the ones in Australia, it really surprised me.

We’ve also had a few days up in the big smoke – London still is my favourite city in the world and it felt nice being back there, especially in the Summer when we’ve had really warm weather, taking in the sites and exploring the Camden food markets is one of my favourite things to do.

I also have a trip to Dublin coming up in December which I’m looking forward to.
Lately though my feet have gotten itchy again and I cannot wait to go on another adventure. So many more places I want to see and explore. I’m just bored of the 9-5 routine, I can’t wait to be free again!

I have a one way ticket booked to New Zealand for the end of December.

Not long to go…

With love,

L x


My Big Sister’s Wedding!




The world famous Ibiza Sunset



Stunning St. Ives, Cornwall, UK








Good old London Town!

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