We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and stayed at a cheap hotel close to the mall district. I didn’t know what to expect of this city but I really enjoyed it. The shopping is literally amazing! I would definitely say the best place in the world to shop. On the first day we got the open top tour bus to see the whole city, it was a good way to get around but I wouldn’t recommend it. It takes forever to get from one place to the next because of traffic jams. Next time I would take the train. The city itself isn’t that big which is an advantage as we saw it all in a day. The highlight for me was definitely the KL towers, they really were just as impressive in real life.

After the tour bus we walked round by ourselves for a bit near the Pavillion shopping mall and accidentally came across this underground China town. It was very discreet, some Chinese lanterns outside with escalators going down, and below was a small ‘town’ of Chinese street food stalls, I had never seen anything like it before, and the food was delicious! That evening we ventured to KL sky bar, which has an amazing view of the city and is directly opposite the KL towers, which look even more impressive at night-time when they’re all lit up! The sky bar was pretty pricey for drinks but it was such a good view, we couldn’t complain. It also had a swimming pool in the middle of the bar too which was slightly weird, no one was even using it. We met a French girl in the bar who was here on holiday, she was half Chinese and was telling us of this great Chinese food place she found underground near the mall. We couldn’t believe it, it was the same one we had stumbled upon, which apparently to her is very famous and the food is much better there than the ones she has been to in China. No need to go to China then!

The next day it was engagement ring shopping! I thought it would be fun, which don’t get me wrong it was, but we literally spent all day going around different malls looking at rings. I had no clue about them either which didn’t help, luckily our friend who was with us did and she was advising me. We eventually picked one at about 9pm! It was from a very authentic Malay mall, rather the big fancy ones. They were so helpful and even made it bigger for me the next day as it was a bit too tight without any extra charge. The jewelry out there is a lot cheaper than it is at home and much better quality too, the Malaysian’s love their jewelry and definitely know what they’re talking about.

After a successful trip to KL it was time to head to Borneo! A place we had always wanted to go to but had been warned by the French girl who we met in the sky bar that it was very dangerous there. We took our chances and went anyway…












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