So it really was a horrific journey getting to this amazing island and I’ll tell you it was worth it! We got picked up from our hotel in Koh Lanta at around 6am (eesssh!) We’d booked a private mini bus to take us to the ferry port which was about 4 hours away. The guy stopped to pick up his wife and baby on the way, as you do. It was torrential rain the whole morning as we had to wait about 40 minutes to actually get off the island as the wind was so bad. I’d never seen a system quite like it to be honest, you drive across a bridge onto a concrete platform/boat type thing and it takes you to the mainland where you then drive away.

We got to the ferry port on time luckily and it was still heavily raining so we brought plastic ponchos from one of the small shops. We then boarded the speed boat, which I’m surprised they allowed it to go out that day as the seas were extremely rough. But we did and it was one of the scariest experiences I’ve had! That boat flew over the waves and crashed back down, we all got soaked!  The majority of people on board were Chinese tourists and they literally have no fear of death whatsoever, each one was STANDING up and cheering/screaming each time the boat went up. Me on the other hand was just concentrating on the horizon, praying that I wasn’t going to vom and that we would make it there alive. After an hour of being absolutely terrified…we made it.

We arrived at the ferry port the other side (thank god!) and had to get another long tail boat to the shore, where all of a sudden the rain had seemed to clear. We stayed at Lipe Beach resort which was a minutes walk up the beach. Perfect wooden bungalows right on the beautiful beach! We had only planned to stay here about 4 nights but ended up staying 9! The staff here were so friendly and helpful, when we arrived a Canadian lady showed us around , she had a little girl staying there too who was really sweet and a French bulldog named bogie became our friend.

Koh Lipe will always hold a special place in my heart as its where Tom decided to propose to me! On one of the last days there we kayaked over to the island of Koh Kra, which is a very small deserted island, about 15 minutes out from the shore. We did some scuba diving around there, then sat on the beach for a while to watch the sunset, we then started dancing for some reason which is when he got down on one knee! (and sneakily filmed it all on the gopro!) I had no idea he was going to do it, but it was so perfect, I was so happy! We then kayaked back to the beach bar where the staff gave us free cocktails because of the good news, I thought that was a lovely gesture.

Koh Lipe is the perfect chill out island, the beaches are stunning and the sunsets are amazing. We ate our dinner every evening on cushions on the beach under the stars. The food at the bungalows was lovely, its the only place we really ate. They only really did authentic Thai food which was great but after 9 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner we were looking forward to something different. One evening we took a stroll up the other end of the beach to Serendipity restaurant, which has the most incredible view of the ocean.  We didn’t eat there as it was very pricey but we stayed for cocktails, of course. Koh Lipe was our last stop in Thailand before heading off to Malaysia and I loved every second of it. I would definitely go back and would recommend it for people trying to get off the beaten track. I don’t know how busy it gets in peak season but when we went in June it was very quiet, which was just what we wanted.IMG_0096.JPG













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