We flew from Kota Kinabalu to Bali. It was spontaneous and exciting, we had kind of gone backwards on ourselves as we were now a lot more nearer to Australia than we were home. We started talking to two guys from America who were going to the same place as us – Seminyak, so we decided to share a cab from the airport. We had no where booked to stay so when they were dropped off at their very plush hotel, we decided to get out and find some sort of accommodation. As it was near to the end of our trip, money was tight so we couldn’t afford to splash out on really expensive accommodation, although I wish we could have stayed where they did, it looked amazing! nevertheless, we slung our backpacks back on and started to trek down the streets of Seminyak in the dark. We asked which way the beach was so we started heading that direction, it wasn’t long before we came across this nice looking hotel on the corner, 5 minute stroll to the beach. We went in and asked prices and it was surprisingly cheap! Very clean, modern rooms with a restaurant and pool. We couldn’t believe our luck, and it was even called ‘Grandma’s Hotel’ which made it even cuter.

We had originally planned to travel around Bali, to start in Seminyak then Ubud then possibly the Gilli islands. With money running out though it just wasn’t going to be possible. The prices for taxis and buses in Bali were ridiculously expensive too. Seminyak was a very touristy place, full of Aussie holiday makers. The beaches were beautiful, and did actually remind me a lot of Australia. Seminyak town was very nice, with a wide variety of shops and restaurants you can pick from. We ended up staying at Grandma’s hotel the whole time we were there, but it was perfect. After a year of travelling, it was nice to just wake up, go to the beach every day and chill. The people of Indonesia were very lovely too, on the beach there were many ‘massage ladies’ who would sell sarongs and bracelets, give you manicures, pedicures, anything you wanted – like a one man band really. They all had beach hats on with their names sewed into them which was really cute. A lot of people on the beach thought they were annoying as they kept coming up to you, but we made friends with most of them and it was sad saying goodbye.

Although we didn’t get to see a lot of the country, what I did see was beautiful and I would love to go back with more money and explore different areas next time, as I felt we didn’t see the real Indonesia.I would recommend that if you do visit Seminyak, make sure you visit a restaurant called ‘Bestest Cafe’ (It does what it says on the tin!) It’s a Greek restaurant and the chicken kebabs and rice are to die for. I still dream about them to this day! Also we went to potato head beach club a few times. Great place to watch the sunset – it’s always packed with Aussies having a good time. Bit pretentious as they have white sun loungers that people actually cue up for and food and drink is way over priced. But it’s free to use the pool so you can enjoy the beautiful view!

Indonesia I will be back one day to explore more of you, but for now after being away for one year – it was time to go home…















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