Crazy crazy Bangkok!

After a long old flight from NZ to Bangkok, (stopping via Sydney, which felt weird like we were back home) we arrived into the madness at 2am. We had already booked a cheap hostel close to the airport so we could just get some sleep, however when we got there the Thai man said he had no bookings for that night, I checked my confirmation and I had stupidly booked for tomorrow instead. Time zones and jet lag just confuse the hell out of me, we were too tired to find anywhere else so took his offer up on a (much) more expensive room.

The next morning, still feeling slightly jet lagged, we got a taxi into the city center. Of course as a backpacker it was only right to head straight to Khao San Road. The taxi took almost 2 hours, the Bangkok traffic is horrible!  However, a taxi is one of the better ways to travel in the humid heat, nice and air conditioned unlike the tuk tuks. When we arrived to Khao san we obviously looked like fresh meat with our pale tans and big backpacks. We were harassed by every shop keeper, every taxi driver, every person on the street, literally! It was definitely an experience and quite an annoying one at that. I had been to Khao San Road before, two years before I had come to Thailand with 3 girlfriends for a month so it wasn’t that new to me, however it does take a bit of time to get used to again.

We spent 3 nights in Bangkok, we stayed at the Rikka Inn, located right on Khao San road. We chose there mainly because it was central, cheap and had a roof top pool, which I must say was very nice!  That first day we both headed straight to the salon and both got a manicure, pedicure and Thai massage. Yes, Tom was the only guy in there, but my god did his feet need it after hiking in New Zealand! I felt like a new woman after, it was lush and of course, sooo cheap! Just what the Doctor ordered.

We spent a day in Bangkok looking at the temples, we checked out the reclining Buddha which was very impressive and the small temples in the same park were all beautiful. The detail that goes into each one is remarkable.

That night we met up with a friend of mine who I worked with in Sydney, her and her boyfriend were over in Thailand on holiday. I love that about travelling, that you make friends with people all over the world and its so nice to meet up again in another country! We all tried out the local cuisine – roasted cockroaches and other weird looking bugs. Needless to say they were absolutely disgusting!

I think 3 days is plenty of time in Bangkok and by that time you just want to get to a beach.. well we did anyway. Especially coming from chilly New Zealand, being in Thailand for 3 days and not seeing a beach yet felt slightly frustrating. But there was one more place we wanted to check out before we made the long trip down south to the glorious islands, and that was Chiang Mai…


Crazy Khao San Road!



Tom getting his pedi, only guy in there haha


Reclining Buddha!



Cool Buddhas

Reclining Buddha’s feet



Temple run…


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