One of the many things I was excited about in New Zealand was doing a glazier hike up Franz Josef. A helicopter takes you on a short flight up the mountain and you hike through ice glaziers, wearing cool snow suits and boots. Unfortunately though, due to Mother Nature having an off day again, we were unable to do this. We were there 2 nights but each morning the clouds were too thick for the helicopters to fly. I was so disappointed, we thought about staying there longer so we could do it but decided not to as we could be waiting days. Coincidently though, the morning after we left they were able to do it. We were gutted, it looked so cool, but at least we have a reason to come back again I suppose. The place itself in Franz Josef is nice, very small and extremely touristy as expected.
Mount cook is even smaller, not a lot to do there apart from the hikes. And surprise, surprise the day we got there it rained and rained again. We set out to do the hike here but within 10 minutes turned back around, we had no rain jackets, no proper walking shoes, it would have been a disaster. Instead we went back and watched frozen, exciting I know!
That’s the one thing about New Zealand, as many beautiful walks and hikes there are to do, all outside, you have to be very reliant on the weather. Which most of the time is fine, I think we were really unlucky.

20140516-041959 PM.jpg

20140516-041954 PM.jpg
What Franz Josef looks like on a clear day

20140516-042139 PM.jpg

20140516-042131 PM.jpg
Mount Cook on a clear day

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