After spending the night in Wellington, which I vaguely remember was a good night, we got the 3 hour ferry to the South Island. Surprisingly after being hungover and prone to sea sickness I was fine.
The first stop was Abel Tasman national park. I was excited to go here, it looked so beautiful when I researched it. When we got there though it constantly rained all the time which was annoying, but we went and did the short hike anyway. A boat dropped us off to the point we started the walk, even though the day was wet and miserable, the water was lovely and blue and we even saw baby seals playing. The walk itself was nice, I can only imagine that on a sunny day it would be amazing. I would love to go back and revisit this spot in the summer, I’m sure we would have stayed a lot longer if the weather had perked up. Either way I would recommend a visit, such a beautiful place!

What the national park looks like on a nice sunny day…

20140516-041724 PM.jpg

20140516-041747 PM.jpg

20140516-041753 PM.jpg

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