After a fun time in Raglan we went to Waitomo, further down the west coast. It’s very famous for its underground caves, we had per booked a tour called the “honking haggis”. I had no idea what to expect, except I knew we would be abseiling underground.
We got there and all got changed into our abseiling gear, they were just like wetsuits with an extra jacket on top. Also a helmet with a torch, gumboots and of course our harnesses. We had a brief intro outside on the field about how to attach our harnesses and how to make certain knots. It all seemed pretty simple outside, but as we all waddled into the cave, one by one we had to go down the dark mysterious hole. Which by the way had a waterfall running through it too so we got absolutely soaked. I was near the back so was one of the last to go down, by the time I got there I had completely forgotten what to do, luckily the instructor was right there to give a helping hand. I had done rock climbing in the past, but this was a lot harder, much more difficult than I expected. It was also a lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.
We spent 3 hours 80 metres underground, abseiling down waterfalls, crawling through muddy rivers and squeezing through tight rocks. It was like a different world down there! The highlight of course was seeing the glow worms. We got to one part of a cave and turned all our lights off, the ceiling was covered in what looked like bright green stars. It felt so magical! We learnt a lot about the glow worms too, how the part that actually glows in the dark is really their poo, gross but true. And that they’re not actually worms, they’re maggots, but of course that wouldn’t market very well so they changed it to ‘worms’.
I would recommend paying the extra and going for the tour I did, it was the most expensive but definitely well worth it!

20140510-071349 PM.jpg

20140510-071345 PM.jpg

20140510-071340 PM.jpg

20140510-071357 PM.jpg

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