Next stop, Taupo! Famous for its enormous lake, said to be the same size as Singapore.
I can tell you first hand from seeing it 15,000ft in the air that, yes it is fairly big…
As pretty as the place is, we only came here for one reason – Skydiving.
We got here a day earlier than expected, it was a beautiful blue sky day not a cloud in the sky. I was nervous about coming here as the skydive was the one thing I wanted to get over and done with. I’ve always wanted to do one, but for some reason I have become terrified of heights recently. As I was already mentally preparing to do it for the next day, the receptionist lady tells us we should do it today instead. Next thing I know, Tom’s called up and they’re picking us up in 10 minutes. 10 minutes!! I was so not ready for this, I had it in my head I was doing it tomorrow. Before I know it, we’re in the shuttle bus, at the skydiving centre, kitted up and taken into the plane! It all happened so fast, no theory or training just a simple “keep your head back and legs under”. As we got to 10,000ft in the air oxygen masks were being handed out. As I sat there not really sure what was going on, looking at everyone including myself wearing oxygen masks, I remember thinking “what the hell am I doing?” I thought we still had to climb higher in the plane so wasn’t panicking just yet… But I was wrong, I got pushed to the front, told to look at a camera and say cheese and boom, I’m falling. Free falling for a good 60 seconds, of course I forgot completely what I was told, the only instructions I had and I forgot. Everyone says free fall is the best part, well that’s a lie. I could hardly breathe, all I was concentrating on was catching my breath. By the time I had it I was shot up again and spinning with a parachute on me now. Others say that this is the best part as you can take in the beautiful view of the lake and surroundings. This is a lie again, my ears had gone completely deaf, I was getting really motion sick and I ask my instructor “what happens if I vomit?” He tells me to swallow it, charming. He stopped spinning so much as he could tell I was close to puking and got me down safely. When I touched the land again I just lay there for a while, thanking god I’m still alive and thinking how the hell do these people do this 10 times a day for work? I’m not going to lie it was the worst and most thrilling thing I’ve ever done. One skydive is definitely enough, never ever again…

20140510-045705 PM.jpg

20140510-045740 PM.jpg

20140510-045754 PM.jpg

20140510-045726 PM.jpg

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