Aahh Raglan…

We didn’t know what to expect with our next stop, Raglan. All we knew is that we had a surf lesson booked. We stayed at the Karioi Lodge, it was up in the beautiful rainforest overlooking the ocean. It really felt like you were up in the “bush”. The staff were very friendly and helpful too, I would definitely recommend staying there. Soon after we got checked in it was time for our surf lesson. I had never done anything like this before, but had always wanted to. A group of about 8 of us were taken for some theory, we learnt and practiced how to stand up on the board, a skill I was quite confident about out of the water. However, in the water was a completely different story…
I literally went blank and had forgotten all I was taught. The kiwi instructor was really nice and basically stayed with me the whole time in the water to help me catch a wave, I think he just wanted a laugh really, watching me stack it over and over again. I’m not a pro yet, I was completely shocking to tell the truth. But it was so much fun, one of the best things I’ve done, I really want to have more lessons. Watch this space…

In the evening we all got fish and chips and sat and ate them watching the sunset at ‘inspirational point’. A lovely viewing platform right near the hostel. It was really cloudy so the sunset wasn’t that great, but just sitting there watching the ocean was incredible. Such a peaceful and relaxing place. Sadly I didn’t get loads of photos from Raglan, I was clearly too busy taking it all in. But if you ever get the chance or want to release your inner surfer chick – make sure you go here. I could quite happily live there, and I’m pretty certain I will return one day!

20140422-021150 PM.jpg

20140422-021110 PM.jpg

20140422-021104 PM.jpg

20140422-021048 PM.jpg

20140422-021034 PM.jpg
Bridal Veils – A quick photo opportunity stop on the way to Raglan

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