We decided it would be easier for us to book with stray. They are a hop on hop off bus company that goes all around New Zealand and tries to go”off the beaten track”. Our first stop was at the hot water springs. We arrived at a beautiful long beach, which looked just like a normal beach at first. Then half way down you could see people bathing in holes in the sand, filled with hot water and steam. It looked incredible, and it really was. Some people were very prepared with their spades to dig the holes but we were sneaky and just sat in ones which were already there. It was surprising that the holes differed greatly in temperature. One was so hot it burnt your feet just walking through it. Someone had even put an egg in there to try and boil it, I think it worked a treat!
We didn’t get that long here before we had to jump on the bus to the next place but we had long enough to experience the beauty of natures finest sauna.

20140416-094023 AM.jpg

20140416-094039 AM.jpg

20140416-094057 AM.jpg

Later that day we arrived at our accommodation in Hahei, we stayed at a holiday park that was right next to a beautiful beach. We went down there for a swim then decided to do the nature walk to Cathedral cove. A world famous “must do” in New Zealand, only accessible by boat or foot. We didn’t bother going back to get shoes so we did the walk bare foot. What a terrible, terrible mistake that was. I was almost in tears walking on hard grave for 2 hours! Tom had to give me a few piggy backs here and there. What was supposed to take 1 hour 40 minutes took us well over 2 hours! Everyone on our bus had walked there and back by the time we got there. It was so worth it though, such an amazing place! We learnt a valuable lesson that afternoon, never do a nature walk without shoes! Ouch!

20140422-125809 PM.jpg

20140422-125824 PM.jpg

20140422-125846 PM.jpg

20140422-125835 PM.jpg

20140422-125858 PM.jpg

20140422-125912 PM.jpg

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