We left our old kings cross Sydney apartment at 4:30am and made our way to the airport. It was a weird feeling closing the door on that chapter of our lives, leaving everything behind but our backpacks. We hadn’t worn them for 5 months, I’d forgotten what it felt like…

We arrived in Auckland after a very smooth flight on Emirates. One of our friends who we used to go to school with moved over here 7 years ago so he picked us up from the airport. It was great to see him and to actually live with a local in a brand new city. We stayed with him for 3 nights in Auckland and he took us to some really cool spots that I doubt we would have found by ourselves. We stayed in Milford – a suburb of Auckland on the North shore, over the harbour bridge. The bridge and the position of the city on the water reminded me a lot of Sydney, it was just on a much smaller scale. The day after we got there we took the kayaks out on the water which was lovely. I couldn’t believe the weather in New Zealand, I imagined (from what the Aussies had said) that it would be cold and rainy all the time. But it was the complete opposite, so nice and hot – a nice change from rainy Sydney! After paddling round a few bays we arrived at a lovely little bay and met up with our friend and all his kiwi friends which was cool.

20140413-080020 PM.jpg

20140410-025702 PM.jpg

20140410-025636 PM.jpg

20140410-025622 PM.jpg

20140410-025650 PM.jpg

The next morning was an early start, we left at 7:30am and went for a hike at Shakespear national park. It was so beautiful, dozens of big green hills filled with cows and sheep, overlooking the stunning ocean. It really felt like I was in New Zealand, I was so happy to be there. Definitely worth the early start!

20140413-080810 PM.jpg

20140413-080751 PM.jpg

20140413-080736 PM.jpg

20140413-080724 PM.jpg

After we got back from the hike we drove over to the West coast, an hour from Auckland. We went to a place called Piha. It was definitely one of my favourite beaches I have been to. Black glittery sand that went on for miles, beautiful white foamy waves and large rocks in the middle of the beach. Amazing! After the beach we went into Auckland city and got a nice Mexican dinner. It was our last night with our friend, we were leaving early in the morning to catch the stray bus. We both didn’t know what to expect, but nether the less it was very exciting…

20140413-082408 PM.jpg

20140413-082442 PM.jpg

20140413-082535 PM.jpg

20140413-082640 PM.jpg

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