I have always been a little bit scared of flying. The thought of going on an aeroplane however does not scare me. It gives me a thrill and excitement of going to a new far away land. I love everything from the journey to the airport, to boarding the flight. I’m definitely a seat next to the window kinda girl. It only scares me when I really think about what is happening. When take off commences, I can’t relax until we’re up in the air. I get frightened the planes tail will catch fire or something stupid. The same with landing. And sometimes when it’s up 30,000 feet in the air, I think to myself “how is it doing this?” if I hear the littlest rattle or noise it freaks me out. Clearly I’m no aeroplane specialist and have no idea the logistics of how a plane actually flies, but then again neither do the majority of the population. Which is why I believe people like me can get anxious, it’s the feeling of being so helpless and vulnerable in a situation there’s nothing you can do, if – god forbid a disaster did happen.
Hearing the news of the missing Malaysia flight was heartbreaking. How a plane can just go missing like that is bizarre. In this day and age surely they can track it? And the fact the passengers mobile phones still ring must mean something right? I have become slightly obsessed with this story, different theories seem to arise every day. One minute the plane has crashed into the South China Sea, the next it has been taken to an unknown destination and people are being held hostage. It makes no sense. I’m sure that the authorities in charge are hiding something. It must be a terrible time for the families involved, I just wish they get answers sooner rather than later. As I am soon to be spending a month in Malaysia, I won’t lie it has made me more nervous about the flight. But they say straight after a disaster like this is the safest time to fly as security will be so high. I hope so anyway. Prayers go out to the missing flight and their loved ones. Such a strange and sad scenario. I hope we find out the truth soon.

With love,
L x

One thought on “A NEW FEAR OF FLYING…

  1. I have the same feelings about the tragic of Malasian flight. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that in 21th century, with so explicit equipment on board, we still receive such news. I watch the news every day once I get up with hope that everything is all right with those passengers. Unfortunatelly, there is no much chance for that…

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