June 24th 2013 was the day I left for my big trip. It was a bittersweet day, Tom and I were so excited and ready to go. That morning we went into town to do a few errands and grab last minute bits. I then popped into my nan and grandad’s house to say goodbye. That broke my heart as I’m so close to my family but I had to keep reminding myself it was only for a year. Tom’s family dropped him at my house and we all had coffee and cake, it was such a weird feeling. My parents then took us to the airport, we stopped at this sweet little village close to Gatwick called Westerham where we had our last taste of good old English pub grub. It felt like we were just having a nice day out with my mum and dad but in the back of my mind I knew this would be the last time I would see them for a whole year. We got to the airport and I wasn’t upset at all. I was buzzing to get on that plane, I had been waiting for this day for such a long time. The time came to go through security and I had to say goodbye. It was horrible leaving my parents who at this point were both sobbing. We got through security and decided to go for a drink to calm our nerves and also because it’s the typical British thing to do when your at an airport before holiday. My mum handed me an envelope before she left and when I opened it (whilst drinking my cider), it really hit me that I was going. She had put two St.Christopher key rings in a card for me and Tom (in case we ever got lost) bless her! Just reading the card made me cry. But this was really it, we were really doing it and there was no turning back…

20140304-024540 PM.jpg

20140304-024619 PM.jpg

20140304-024651 PM.jpg

20140304-024712 PM.jpg

20140304-024638 PM.jpg

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