So I have been in Australia for nearly 7 months, in that time I have travelled the beautiful West Coast, seen the tropics of Queensland and the quirkiness of Melbourne. Now I am in Sydney and don’t get me wrong, I love the city and it’s vast choice of wonderful beaches and bays. But I have “settled” here to find work, got myself an apartment and that means the dreaded routine. It’s all become a bit too familiar. I find myself at work dreaming of far away lands, JUST LIKE I DID AT HOME! What is going on I ask myself? I am 100,000 miles away from home on the other side of the world. I have to keep reminding myself of this, and when I actually think about it, I don’t mind my casual waitressing job at all. It’s a fun atmosphere in a cool American diner, not in a boring office all day. And on my days off I go to the beach (when it’s not raining). Who knew that it rains more in Sydney than in London??
It’s not a bad life here at all, and even though I have slightly fallen into a work routine, the fact I am moving on again in 8 weeks helps keeps me motivated.
Maybe because its my 4th day in a row working 12 hour shifts is the reason I feel the need to rant? Who knows.
Anyway, back to the grind…

With love,
L x

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