During my time travelling I have noticed a common fashion trend amongst females. It is a trend that suits the backpacker generation not only because of its simplicity and the illusion clothes have just been “chucked on” from a backpack, but also because of its budget. The trend I am talking about is what I like to call Boho Beach Babe (The 3 B’s).

You can spot it from a mile off… the long scraggly hair that hasn’t been combed since they left home, the braids and the plaits, the feathers and the toe rings, the bandanas and the chipped nail vanish. Not forgetting the actual clothing, which could be anything from long floaty maxi skirts to big hareem pants and bare feet. I have to admit myself included am in favour of this look, I particularly love the natural look of bare makeup, lets face it, who wants to wear or see someone with a face full of makeup on melting in 40 degree heat on Bondi beach? Or can you even imagine trying to put eyeliner on during a 12 hour (crowded) over night train ride from Bangkok to Krabi? Nah-uh. Ain’t no one got time for that shit!

I think the look is cool and chic, particularly with a smoking tan, of course. Everything looks better with a tan. What’s interesting though, is that this look is not only seen amongst wanderlusters on a shoestring budget trying to travel the world, but also certain celebrities love the look too. Particularly Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller and the Oslen twins. They make it look so effortlessly cool, who’d have thought these girls were Hollywood millionaires dressed like that huh?

“Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits. In this context, Bohemians may be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.”

So surely all travellers/backpackers are boho beach babes, right? We are all living in a unconventional lifestyle, with the permanent ties being exploring new cultures and seeing new places. We are the wanderers and the explorers, we are the real Bohemians! Sorry Mary-Kate & Ashley!

20140110-031026 PM.jpg

20140110-032044 PM.jpg

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