This post is dedicated to all those people who have that dreaded Monday morning feeling, the realisation that Christmas break is over and it’s back to the horrid 9-5 rat race. I’m talking to the ones who are bored with their dead end jobs, who day dream of crystal clear oceans and white sandy beaches.
The ones who would much rather be wandering bazaars and markets, eating pad Thai and drinking a piña colada while riding in a tuk tuk. The ones who want to get lost in a rainforest, shower under a waterfall and fall asleep under the stars. If this sounds anything like you then I’ve got news for you pal, STOP WORKING, START TRAVELING. It’s as simple as that. Don’t be one of those people that dream of traveling yet don’t do anything about it. Nothing annoys me more when people say to me “I wish I could go there” or “You’re so lucky to be there,” luck has nothing to do with it! Save some money, quit your job and GO. You will look back at your life in 40 years time and regret not going. The world IS your oyster so why the hell not see it?

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.

Here’s some much needed travel inspo to get you revved up!

20140106-113302 PM.jpg

20140106-113244 PM.jpg

20140106-113319 PM.jpg

20140106-113341 PM.jpg

20140106-113359 PM.jpg

20140106-115028 PM.jpg

20140107-103839 AM.jpg

Now go on and book a ticket outta there!

Lucy x

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